Venezuela: gold mining fuels malaria epidemic

By Marielba Núñez 24 June, 2022

How mining, poverty and environmental destruction deepen a health crisis. The Troncal 10 is a road full of huge pot-holes and obstacles that constantly threaten to destroy cars that venture onto it. This ‘trunk road’ leads to Tumeremo,... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 17: El Dragón Criollo

By 02 April, 2021

Coming from the capital of salsa, Cali’s El Dragón Criollo keeps rhythm in his blood, though living now in Geneva. The Pacific-city expat, who splits his time between performing with his groups Contento, La Jungla and Acid Coco,... Read Article

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REVIEW La Familia

By 07 August, 2018

La Familia (The Family, 2018 / Dir: Gustavo Rondón Córdova) starts with a scene among feisty young rebels, the reality of Venezuelan youth at the edge of the slums of Caracas. There is a mix of boyish playfulness, mutual care,... Read Article

New Music: ‘Porro Maracatu’ by LADAMA

By 11 August, 2017

Updated 21/08/17: Music video for “Porro Maracatu” below. A new single by a brand new group headed by four women will have you saying “girl power.” Lara Klaus, Daniela Serna, Mafer Bandola and Sara Lucas, who hail from Brazil,... Read Article