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MIXTAPE CON ALMA 34: Ignacio La Conga

By 30 August, 2021

Rooi (Martín D’Alessandro) , Fffffff (Facundo Fernández Alberdi) y Medix Cielx (Sky Parnes) are three producers, DJs and musicians from Argentina, who produce music under the alias of Ignacio La Conga: a project focusing on research and fusion... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 17: Numa Gama

By 13 August, 2021

Numa Gama is a celebrated composer, performer, and producer born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. Using field recordings to extract sensations from the natural world, they meticulously organise the minutiae of diurnal life between umami beats, ethereal synthesisers,... Read Article

DANZ ON 21: Lagartijeando

By 23 July, 2021

Matías Zundel, known as Lagartijeando, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ born and bred in Dolores – a town near Buenos Aires. Under his nom de plume, Lagartijeando mixes various styles of native and international musics, dialoguing with... Read Article

RARO 16: Nochi

By 03 July, 2021

André Campos Romero is a musician and producer from San José, Costa Rica, known best under the moniker Nochi. Besides producing and performing, the Costa Rican is also co-founder of Deep Underground Beats, an Artist Agency based in... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 33: Biomigrant (Colombian Solidarity Special)

By 21 June, 2021

In lieu of our regular mellow Monday-morning offering, Biomigrant‘s “Colombian Solidarity Special” will be drawing attention to Colombia’s ongoing political and social crisis instead. Biomigrant is the producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner.  U.S.-born but settling in Colombia... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 20: Klik & Frik

By 11 June, 2021

Argentina’s Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona have undergone various transmutations since first forming Frikstailers in 2006. Back then, the pair’s maiden musical steps were underpinned by an obsession with fusing disparate cultures and sound-colours. Releasing their blend of... Read Article


By 01 June, 2021

Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski-a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and singer from Buenos Aires who’s planted herself deep in Latin America’s dank, dazzling downtempo scene. Since 2017’s acclaimed debut album Nomada, a hypnotic whirr of contemporary electronics and organic instrumentation,... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 15: Alex Figueira

By 28 May, 2021

Alex Figueira is a Venezuelan-Portuguese musician, producer, DJ and record collector based in Amsterdam, known in independent music circuits as “the hardest working man in Tropical music”. It’s no hyperbole; Figueira is the founder of tropical psych-punk outfit... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #8

By 19 May, 2021

After a pause, the Brazilian Wax round-up is back – but in a different guise. Reeling in the garrulousness for your sake and mine, this new lissom and well-built round-up still focusses on the very best music from... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 31: Marlowe (Sonorama)

By 17 May, 2021

Created under the objective of promoting world roots music, and supercharged by their shared obsession with vinyl culture, Sonorama is a Chicago-based DJ collective and record label fronted by Charly Garcia, Eddy Baca & Marlowe Baca. In early 2015... Read Article


By 14 May, 2021

Pioneering sound artist Tamara Montenegro is better known under her nom de plume NAOBA. For over a decade, the Nicaraguan producer, singer and DJ (and namesake of Lake Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island natives), has been leading the organic downtempo,... Read Article