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REVIEW Montoya – Otun

By 04 July, 2019

I write from my go-to café in Merida, Mexico. Ki’ Xocolatl has been a refuge since I discovered their music collection, a virtually complete catalog of Putamayo’s compilation CDs from the discovery days of ‘world music’. But, I... Read Article

REVIEW King Coya – Tierra De King Coya

By 02 August, 2018

Surrounded by music at a young age, the Kerpel family are something of an institution for Latin folklore and composition. You just have to check Carnabailito, Gaby Kerpel‘s solo debut from 2003, which also includes additional production from his... Read Article

REVIEW Uji – Alborada

By 23 July, 2018

Following a series of singles, Uji aka Luis Maurette, has released his debut album Alborada and it’s potentially one of the electronic albums of the year. Maurette has been a constant figure in the Latin American underground over... Read Article