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7 Carnival Classics from Uruguay

By 10 February, 2016

The Uruguayan Carnival, apparently the longest in the world, is a month and a bit marathon of riotous satire, fiercely contested shows and above all, the emblematic sound of the murga. It’s said that ticket sales outnumber any... Read Article

Mateo Alone Licks Himself Well

By 14 July, 2014

I first heard Eduardo Mateo thanks to a bald-headed man on a Vespa in a small Uruguayan town called Tacuarembó. There was really no reason for me to be there, other than the fact I knew that a... Read Article

Guarco – Fiebre

REVIEW Guarco – Fiebre

By 17 August, 2011

I was really disappointed upon first listening to Guarco‘s debut album Fiebre. The press release spoke of an artist who had learnt his craft in Montevideo, perfecting Afro-Uruguayan rhythms on guitar. I expected an album bringing the complex... Read Article

Happy Jazz Radio’s Uruguay Mix

MIXTAPE Happy Jazz Radio’s Uruguay Mix

By 14 July, 2011

This is another great instalment from the Happy Jazz Radio team. Already they’ve given us mixes of msuci from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela, and now we can add Uruguay to that list, thanks to this excellent... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Candombe

By 28 November, 2010

It’s impossible to spend anytime in Montevideo, Uruguay, without suddenly feeling like you’re in the middle of a parade. The sound of drums are everywhere … maybe even more so than in Brazil. It all has to do... Read Article

Happy Jazz Radio’s Argentinian Mix

MIXTAPE Happy Jazz Radio’s Argentinian Mix

By 01 October, 2010

We have another outstanding effort from the good folks at Happy Jazz Radio for your listening pleasure today. This time they are exploring Argentina through their usual mix of forgotten, desired and downright great jazz and funky nuggets.... Read Article