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REVIEW Tremor – Proa

By 03 September, 2013

Tremor‘s latest album Proa marks a sonic departure for the Argentine band known for their fiery 21st century take on Latin American folk music. Their third album sees the trio come of age, pushing their sound into new,... Read Article

REVIEW Atropolis – Transitions

By 29 August, 2013

Atropolis‘ debut album Transitions is the debut release from New York’s established tropical-bass collective Cumba Mela. Run by producers/DJs Atropolis, Thornato and 2Melo, for over three years the club night and production collective have been at the forefront... Read Article

REVIEW El Remolón – Boxeo Constitución

By 20 July, 2013

On Boxeo Constitución, El Remolón has offered up what must be the world’s first digital cumbia soundtrack. Approached by Austrian documentary maker Jakob Weingartner, who had been inspired by the Argentine producer’s digital cumbia anthem “Bolivia”, El Remolón... Read Article

Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro

REVIEW Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro

By 21 May, 2012

Maga Bo has truly earned the title of “global producer”. Though born in the US, he has performed, recorded and travelled in over 40 countries and held artistic residences in Morocco, India, Ethiopia and Senegal to name a... Read Article

Grupo 2000 – El Destape

REVIEW Grupo 2000 – El Destape

By 10 October, 2011

Following in the footsteps of the Peruvian chicha revival, Massachusetts based Masstrópicas have dusted off the master tapes and re-released one of the genre’s previously overlooked classics, Grupo 2000‘s El Destape. First released in 1974, the band’s début... Read Article