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SUB – New Music from Argentina

SUB – New Music from Argentina

By 04 June, 2011

No Desaparecer is the latest album from SUB, an Argentinian band with an alternative rock approach. This is a band following in the footsteps of American bands such as Pearl Jam, American Music Club and REM though still... Read Article

Go-Neko! — Los Malos de Verdad

REVIEW Go-Neko! — Los Malos de Verdad

By 04 April, 2011

Go-Neko! set out their stall on 2008’s Una Especie de Mutante; surging guitar riffs, pounded drums and tight, extended instrumentals were clearly the signs of a band owing some debt to kraut rock and heaviest post-rock bands out... Read Article

Poncho — Kansas (feat. Banda de Turistas)

By 17 December, 2010

Here’s the brand new video for “Kansas” by Argentine pop group Poncho featuring our very good friends A Banda de Turistas (you can read our interview with them HERE).