Indie Hoy release new compilation of Argentine indie music

By 31 January, 2011

On 21st December, the Argentinian indie blog Indie Hoy released a new compilation of songs from the Argentine underground (as well as the odd one from Uruguay and Mexico). Celebrating the arrival of summer, with 21st December being South America’s Summer Equinox after all, the album is titled Así Suena el Verano and is available to download for free here.

Indie Hoy recommend listening to the compilation “under a palm tree, or beside a pool, beside the river, at a party, alone, together, with heat or not, with clothes or without, in sunshine or clouds, coke or beer, playing volleyball or shuffleboard, doing air guitar or simply moving your little foot (in sand), watching the waves hang. In summation, spending time with the high temperatures that are coming this summer.”

Featuring some of our favourite Argentine bands, including Valentin y los Volcanes and Diosque, this is well worthy of a listen. The full tracklisting looks like this:

19:00 Mic Y Mouse – Me DVD
19:02 Tostadora Moderna – Rebotando
19:04 Valentin y los Volcanes – Al baile de ilusiones
19:07 Gypsy Sundays – Hard to see
19:10 Technicolor Fabrics – Frequency
19:13 Monoambiente – Desorbitada de amor
19:16 Sobrenadar – Sommeil Paradoxal
19:20 3Pecados – Sin Título I
19:23 Benigno Lunar – Perdiendo el tiempo
19:25 Volleyball – Summertimes
19:30 Los Jardines de Bruselas – Diamonds
19:33 Alex Fields – Cares for you
19:36 La Ciudad bajo la Niebla – El día está de más
19:38 Los Reyes del Falsete – Yabrán
19:42 La Ola que quería ser Chau – Teta
19:44 Pérez – Libros y Gente
19:48 Mariano Gilmore & Belle – El Baile
19:51 Viva Elástico – El Festejo
19:56 Diosque – El típico secreto
19:59 El Yonki – Como Hank

You can download the compilation here.

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