New Experimental Noise-Rock from Argentina’s GBRL

By 06 June, 2011

This is one we’ve been really getting excited about, the new Camas EP from Argentina’s gbrl. A noisy, raucous mix that threatens and welcomes in equal measure.

gbrl had previously released Los Otros in 2010, an atmospheric piece exploring relationships between sounds and textures. That album now seems like a primer for Camas which builds on Los Otros’ tone with a bigger sound and a braver approach to melody, resulting in the altogether brilliant sound of Camas, a record that beguiles with it’s half-electronic/half-organic, half-melodic/half-dicordant approach which uses loops but never really ever seems to repeat itself, continually moving forward. It really is a little bit special, and you can listen to it in full right here:

Download the Camas EP here.

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