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Tango Fire Returns to London

By 13 January, 2015

Acclaimed tango production Tango Fire returns to London’s Peacock Theatre following a memorable season in 2013. Featuring the unforgettable music of Piazzolla, Pugliese and Gardel, the choreography of lead dancer German Cornejo and the cream of Buenos Aires’... Read Article

Guide to Argentinian Music

By 15 November, 2011

Tango musicians and writers have legendary status in Argentina. The most acclaimed tango composers are Osvaldo Pugliese (1905–95) and Astor Piazzolla (1921–92). The former recorded the most famous traditional tangos, while Piazzolla went on to contemporise the music,... Read Article

Basics of Tango (Part One)

Basics of Tango (Part One)

By 23 May, 2011

Ah… Tango! No doubt, the most idealised paired dance in the world. And there’s plenty of reasons for that. The closeness, the intimacy, the cadence, the wordless conversation of the bodies, the acute polarisation of the gender’s roles…... Read Article

Experiments in Tango Mixtape

MIXTAPE Experiments in Tango Mixtape

By 20 August, 2010

We’re over halfway through Argentine month and we’re yet to even mention tango. It’s not that we have anything against it it’s just that it gets its fair share of publicity as it is. I’m not sure our... Read Article