Experiments in Tango Mixtape

By 20 August, 2010

We’re over halfway through Argentine month and we’re yet to even mention tango. It’s not that we have anything against it it’s just that it gets its fair share of publicity as it is. I’m not sure our two-pennies worth is really that noteworthy. However, we do feel that one area which needs a little extra light shining on it is some of the new forms of tango that have emerged in the last ten years, with names such as electro-tango, neo-tango and techno-tango, as well as tango nuevo which has been going for a lot longer. With that in mind we decided to put together the Experiments in Tango mixtape.

We decided not to include Bajofondo Tango Club and the Gotan Project I’m pretty sure everyone who would want to hear these bands has probably done so already. We have included a couple of electronic tangos here though, in a similar style to the two big guns of the genre, in the shape of tracks by Carlos Lebedinsky and Otros Aires. We also have Supervielle, an artist affiliated with Bajofondo, supplying “Miles de Pasajeros”, a tango featuring rapping, and we also have Kantango and Tango Crash, who have elements of electro-tango but also their very own, unique styles. The Tango Saloon and Axel Krygier both use tango as a base but then adding other styles to create something very different indeed. Representing nuevo tango we have Quadro Nuevo, Hugo Diaz (one of the best harmonica-led tangos I’ve ever heard) and Tosca Tango Orchestra. The mix finishes off with a nuevo tango classic, which surely shocked a lot of people when it was first released in 1969: “Balada para un loco” by Astor Piazzolla and Roberto Goyeneche, possibly the most groundbreaking tango in history.

  1. Kantango – Rain
  2. The Tango Saloon – Libertango
  3. Axel Krygier – Vuelo
  4. Carlos Lebedinsky – Esa
  5. Tosca Tango Orchestra – El Cholulo
  6. Hugo Diaz – Milonga Triste
  7. Quadro Nuevo – The Windmills of Your Mind
  8. Supervielle – Miles de Pasajeros
  9. Tango Crash – Milonga para Alberto
  10. Otros Aires – A Veces
  11. Astor Piazzolla and Roberto Goyeneche – Balada para un Loco

[audio:http://soundsandcolours.com/static/2010/08/experiments-in-tango.mp3|titles=Experiments in Tango]

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