Belo Horizonte

REVIEW Baronesa

By 03 September, 2018

At this year’s opening night at Open City Documentary Festival, you’ll be able to watch Baronesa, a film directed by Juliana Antunes released last year in Brazil. The film follows Andreia and her friends in their day-to-day lives... Read Article

REVIEW Madame Rrose Sélavy – Bossa Punk

By 10 October, 2014

It’s hard to think of a better title than Bossa Punk for this recent compilation from Madame Rrose Sélavy. It’s the eighth release from this Belo Horizonte band and is the perfect bookend to the first chapter in... Read Article

Nobat “LSD”

By 16 July, 2014

Something is definitely in the air in Belo Horizonte. Previously the city was best known for being the home of Milton Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina, and in later years, for Pato Fu. My own personal experience of trying... Read Article

Graveola “Babulina’s Trip”

By 22 January, 2013

Brazilian band Graveola today launched a new video for “Babulina’s Trip”, one of the highlights from their new album Eu Preciso De Um Liquidificador. Hailing from Belo Horizonte – Brazil’s third largest city – Graveola have been making... Read Article

Coyote Beatz – Coynstrumentals Vol. 1

REVIEW Coyote Beatz – Coynstrumentals Vol. 1

By 10 May, 2012

Coynstrumentals Vol. 1 is the first solo offering from Belo Horizonte’s Coyote Beatz. Completely instrumental, the album takes it’s cues from hip-hop and skate culture. Full of bold beats and varied textures it’s an outsider’s bet for album... Read Article

Zimun – Impressão

By 18 April, 2012

Zimun are a hip-hop collective from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their sound is anything but tradicional, bringing elements of jazz, soul and rock into the formula. To date they have released just one EP, in collaboration with Castilho, called... Read Article