Sounds of Mexico #8

By 14 July, 2021

It is becoming less and less common to pigeonhole a song into a genre, so by using experiences, specific moments, and even moods so a listener can get a better feel for them, is a way that allows... Read Article

Episode 4: Love & Faith

By 16 September, 2015

This week’s tapes are from the unlabeled section. Sloppy recordings off the radio. Live takes, b roll, and outtakes, some of which I’ve identified, but most are untitled. All four tapes were in a bag together, for no... Read Article

REVIEW Flavia Coelho – Mundo Meu

By 21 May, 2015

Flavia Coelho is back with more playful melodies, vibrant harmonies, infectious rhythms and open-armed, outward-looking lyrics, picking up where Bossa Muffin left off with her latest offering and second album Mundo Meu. If ever there was an ambassador... Read Article