Daniel Lofredo Rota

Daniel Lofredo Rota Is a musician, maker and turboarchaeologist living in Quito, Ecuador. As well as writing this blog he produces music by the name of Quixosis.

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Episode 4: Love & Faith

By 16 September, 2015

This week’s tapes are from the unlabeled section. Sloppy recordings off the radio. Live takes, b roll, and outtakes, some of which I’ve identified, but most are untitled. All four tapes were in a bag together, for no... Read Article

Episode 1: The Suitcase Tapes

By 16 June, 2015

History is the story of what we remember. But sometimes we forget what we’ve forgotten. Music history is no different. We view history through a narrow telescope, and the vision it gives us is minuscule in comparison to... Read Article