Brazilian Film

REVIEW Doméstica (Housemaids)

By 27 November, 2013

Few films have felt as timely as Doméstica (Housemaids), a full-length experimental documentary about domestic workers (“empregadas”) in Brazil by Gabriel Mascaro. Considering that Brazil has been in the midst of evaluating and regulating this most intimate sphere of... Read Article


By 05 July, 2013

Cores is a film which has arrived on the world scene at just about the right time. From the outside looking in, Brazil has, for the last few years, seemed like a country where all is going supremely... Read Article

REVIEW Beyond The Grave

By 25 June, 2013

Porto dos Mortos (Beyond the Grave) is a zombie film, written, produced and directed by Brazilian Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro. There’s no doubt right now is a good moment for the zombie genre with their popularity at an... Read Article