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REVIEW Brimstone & Glory

By 27 October, 2017

Tultepec in the State of Mexico is no ordinary place. It’s a town where fireworks are more than just a gorgeous finale in light and gun smoke: they are its beginning, middle and end. Director Viktor Jakovleski’s documentary, Brimstone &... Read Article

REVIEW Our Last Tango

By 22 September, 2017

Our Last Tango, a documentary on the life and career of tango maestros, María Nieves Rego (83) and Juan Carlos Copes (86), looks back on a professional and personal relationship of over 50 years. Directed by German Kral,... Read Article

REVIEW La Propera Pell (The Next Skin)

By 17 March, 2017

Directed by Isa Campo and Isaki Lacuesta, La Propera Pell, tells the story of a boy who comes back years after he went missing presumed dead. Eight years have elapsed since the incident, so his arrival prompts a... Read Article

REVIEW Finding Sofia

By 08 November, 2016

This enjoyable Argentine film is rooted in our preoccupation with where the virtual world stops and the real one begins. Written and directed by Nico Casavecchia, Finding Sofia, is warm, witty and engaging, with strong performances cut with... Read Article

REVIEW Incident Light

By 09 August, 2016

Incident Light (La Luz Incidente) sets itself quite a task. Starting in the deflated aftermath of a family tragedy is something of a narrative impediment which director, Ariel Rotter, works to overcome. The action is not going to... Read Article

REVIEW Dreamtown

By 01 June, 2016

Ecuadorian film-maker, Betty Bastidas’ documentary, Dreamtown (Original title: Ciudad De Los Sueños), on the Valle del Chota, Ecuador, covers a familiar theme in the Latin American context: the route out of poverty provided by football. The El Chota... Read Article

REVIEW L’Adopció

By 05 April, 2016

The shadow of a plane drifts silently across a stunning winter wilderness. An apt and rather prophetically named flight from Small Planet Airlines taxis toward the terminal. Directed by the Argentine director, Daniela Fejerman, L’Adopció is an adept and often... Read Article


By 25 March, 2016

The opening shot of this documentary is of a man in an oxygen mask. It then cuts to the statue of Columbus standing atop his column on the Barcelona seafront, extending a digit in the direction of the... Read Article

REVIEW El 5 de Talleres

By 20 November, 2015

El 5 de Talleres takes us into the world of the football team of the title, Club Atlético Talleres (Remedios de Escalada), who play in Buenos Aires’ lower leagues, the Primera C Metropolitana to be precise. The main... Read Article

REVIEW The Afectados

By 24 September, 2015

Director Mark Donne’s short documentary covers a 22-year-long battle for legal redress for what Amazon Watch, an independent environmental NGO based in California, describes as “one of the worst environmental disasters on the planet”. The plaintiffs, 30,000 poor... Read Article