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REVIEW Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda

By 19 January, 2015

On his first album since breakout success Nó Na Orelha (2011) Criolo showcases his versatility and artistic vision by combining a rhymes and social critique with catchy beats, melodies and a startling fluidity between regional, national and global... Read Article

REVIEW Doméstica (Housemaids)

By 27 November, 2013

Few films have felt as timely as Doméstica (Housemaids), a full-length experimental documentary about domestic workers (“empregadas”) in Brazil by Gabriel Mascaro. Considering that Brazil has been in the midst of evaluating and regulating this most intimate sphere of... Read Article

REVIEW Ruspo – Esses Patifes

By 04 June, 2013

The liner notes for Ruspo’s debut, Esses Patifes (These Criminals), describe the album as a journalistic meditation on Brazil’s disparate geography through the lens of “tropical lo-fi.” While that framework might be useful for approaching the album, the... Read Article