Brazilian wax

Brazilian Wax #8

By 19 May, 2021

After a pause, the Brazilian Wax round-up is back – but in a different guise. Reeling in the garrulousness for your sake and mine, this new lissom and well-built round-up still focusses on the very best music from... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #7

By 07 April, 2021

This month’s collection of fifteen contemporary Brazilian releases has been compiled from an almighty pool of potential albums; March and early April has proved phenomenally fertile soil. From pioneering dub to uproarious rock, angular funk and Eastern electronics,... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #6

By 03 March, 2021

Making up for Carnaval’s cancelling, this February has seen some stellar releases from Brazil. Many on this list maintain the effervescent élan of that midsummer celebration, while even more re-frame and re-invent Brazilian cultural tradition in vivid ways.... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 22: j yettram

By 15 February, 2021

This morning’s bleary-eyed Con Alma Mixtape was hastily assembled between eight and ten o’clock, today. Following a drop-out, I thought I’d fill in, assembling a patchwork of possiblys and potentiallys that had made their way into my music... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #5

By 27 January, 2021

January’s a slow month for music at the best of times – and these, most certainly are not those. In the UK, indulging in the self-deceiving ceremony of resolutions and better tomorrows, we hauled ourselves across the line... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #4

By 02 December, 2020

A quirk of timetabling has given me extra time this month source music for my Brazilian Wax round-up. Consequently, I’ve been inundated with great music. Normally, I feel I’m leaving out some fantastic projects. But, here, seeing as... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #2

By 09 September, 2020

This is the second of regular Brazilian Wax round-ups which focus on the latest musical output from Brazil. As British Summer Time starts drawing to a close and autumn’s forthcoming releases edge nearer, this month’s round-up will focus on records... Read Article