CON ALMA 22: j yettram

By 15 February, 2021

This morning’s bleary-eyed Con Alma Mixtape was hastily assembled between eight and ten o’clock, today. Following a drop-out, I thought I’d fill in, assembling a patchwork of possiblys and potentiallys that had made their way into my music library in the process of producing the latest episode of my Radio Alhara show, PATO. The final product is the fulfilment of various half-ideas, pulled together and left to puff their chests out wherever they fell. The mix begins soporific and slow, with ambient sounds slipping towards a discernible rhythmic sway, before building upon downtempo rhythms towards a lively jazz-oriented finale.

j yettram is Joe Osborne, Sounds & Colours assistant editor and founder of its three mix series, Con Alma, Raro and Danz On. Joe is also the founder of UK-based Brazilian music presenters, promoters, curators and performers, Brazilian Wax and has recently begun hosting PATO – a monthly trip through Latin America and its various diaspora cultures – on Palestinian radio station, Radio Alhara.


Mircohm – Matter Transforms
Alex Hentze – La Piedra Sin Tiempo
Lucrecia Dalt – No Era Sólida
Nicolas Jaar – Vacíar
Bruna Lucchesi – Canção Necessária
Majagua Ensamble – Enaguas Al Vuelo
Rodrigo Gallardo – Hacia El Horizonte
Federico Estéves – El Quemado
Nicolas Jaar – Gocce
Psilosamples – Auto Flower
Niña Chispa – Derretida (Feat. November & Melody Feo)
Quixosis – Luz Y Fer
Flipi – Plums
Raul Ramirez, Jerry Gonzalez & Cecilia Bracamonte – Somos Tres
Francisco Mora Catlett – Afra Jum Pt. 2

The Con Alma series is a mug of hot coffee served on Monday mornings, to start your week off right. An hour of musical soul food, downtempo undulations and freshly-squeezed groovers that’s good for the heart, mind and body. Although the series’ name is taken from Dizzy Gillespie’s Latin standard, don’t expect an hour of frenetic bebop – this is gentle introspection, warm sunrises, shower sing-a-longs… always with plenty of soul.

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