Con Alma Mixtape

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 34: Ignacio La Conga

By 30 August, 2021

Rooi (Martín D’Alessandro) , Fffffff (Facundo Fernández Alberdi) y Medix Cielx (Sky Parnes) are three producers, DJs and musicians from Argentina, who produce music under the alias of Ignacio La Conga: a project focusing on research and fusion... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 33: Biomigrant (Colombian Solidarity Special)

By 21 June, 2021

In lieu of our regular mellow Monday-morning offering, Biomigrant‘s “Colombian Solidarity Special” will be drawing attention to Colombia’s ongoing political and social crisis instead. Biomigrant is the producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner.  U.S.-born but settling in Colombia... Read Article


By 01 June, 2021

Kaleema is Heidi Lewandowski-a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and singer from Buenos Aires who’s planted herself deep in Latin America’s dank, dazzling downtempo scene. Since 2017’s acclaimed debut album Nomada, a hypnotic whirr of contemporary electronics and organic instrumentation,... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 31: Marlowe (Sonorama)

By 17 May, 2021

Created under the objective of promoting world roots music, and supercharged by their shared obsession with vinyl culture, Sonorama is a Chicago-based DJ collective and record label fronted by Charly Garcia, Eddy Baca & Marlowe Baca. In early 2015... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 29: Guacamayo Tropical

By 12 April, 2021

Colombian-Spanish duo Guacamayo Tropical are audiovisual artists who focus on rescuing and spreading Latin-American tradition worldwide. Their live sessions are characterised by the integration of digital beats with native Latin instruments such as Colombian gaita, tamboras and djembe,... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 27: Pedro Bertho

By 22 March, 2021

A matter of weeks after hosting Patuá Discos‘ chief DJ Paulão for a breathtaking Raro Mixtape entry, we’re thrilled to have Patuá mainstay and Paulão’s production partner Pedro Bertho sitting in the mix. Having relocated to Lyon, France,... Read Article


By 15 March, 2021

São Paulo’s seasoned keys trio Caixa Cubo are proving to be, in the fashion of samba doido forebearers Azymuth, Brazil’s latest à la mode export, having been lauded by leading platforms such as BBC6 and Worldwide FM. Less than a year since we premièred their... Read Article


By 08 March, 2021

AjiByrd is the moniker of digger duo Mathias and Oli who, based in Montréal, have been sharing their extensive record collection on Canadian station CKUT 90.3 FM in recent years. Having compiled a vast collection of African, Latin... Read Article


By 01 March, 2021

The shape-shifting electronic music that JOHANNA (aka Joana Yamaguchi) makes is informed by the intersection between her work – anthropology – and her sense of self – a São Paulo native of Japanese origin. From this starting point,... Read Article


By 22 February, 2021

Rodrigo Coelho, under his latest nom de guerre, released Six Sines this month. A so-called sonic representation of duality, and “the complex unpredictability” of natural and artificial systems, Six Sines sources inspiration in Chaos theory and John Horton... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 22: j yettram

By 15 February, 2021

This morning’s bleary-eyed Con Alma Mixtape was hastily assembled between eight and ten o’clock, today. Following a drop-out, I thought I’d fill in, assembling a patchwork of possiblys and potentiallys that had made their way into my music... Read Article