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Cabruêra – Nordeste Oculto

REVIEW Cabruêra – Nordeste Oculto

By 22 May, 2012

Nordeste Oculto is the fifth album from Paraíba’s Cabruêra, and forms part of a special release mapping the North-East of Brazil which also includes texts written by musician/poet Alberto Marsicano and a book of band member Arthur Pessoa’s... Read Article

Fernanda Cabral – Praianos

REVIEW Fernanda Cabral – Praianos

By 07 April, 2012

Praianos(*) is the debut of a captivating new singer from Brasilia, Fernanda Cabral. The song that gives the album it’s title, has lyrics and participation of Chico Cesar, and already announces what this fine work is all about:... Read Article

New Album from Wado Available for Download

New Album from Wado Available for Download

By 20 October, 2011

Brazilian singer/songwriter Wado released his fourth album earlier this week. Entitled Samba 808, it features collaborations with Marcelo Camelo, Mallu Magalhães, Chico César, Curumin, Zeca Baleiro, Fabio Góes and André Abujamra, the first two of which assist on... Read Article