Review Fernanda Cabral – Praianos


Praianos(*) is the debut of a captivating new singer from Brasilia, Fernanda Cabral. The song that gives the album it’s title, has lyrics and participation of Chico Cesar, and already announces what this fine work is all about: how incredibly similar can love and the sea be, when it comes to their immensity, splendour and great fascination.

Fernanda Cabral sings this praise to Nature and Love, these ‘gods’ that bless us in so many forms and give us uncountable gifts, at the same time as having the power to change the whole world around us. Touching, transforming and never stopping to amaze us.

Songs like “Olhar” (Gaze), “Horizontes” (Horizons) and “Aunsência” (Absence) also resonate the ‘saudade’, or the missing feeling, the emptiness one feels once separated from his/her homeland or from that special somebody who holds alone the key to one’s heart. Even though no distance can truly separate what love has bounded together, we can’t help but feel incomplete whenever far from where or whom we belong to.

“Monteiro Lobato” inspired by the great Brazilian children’s author of the same name simply sounds like our free and playful childhood, with all its colours and forms and fantasies. A playground for the memories of those sweet days of innocence.

The CD is an achievement shared by artists from Brazil and Spain; receiving influence from both countries and combining the sounds of Paraíba and its rich folklore with an enchanting electronic beat and an almost poetic piano.

With such an enchanting start, we can only hope that Fernanda will continue singing for a very long time… ‘sob o infinito’ (‘under the infinite’).

* ‘Praiano’ is how we, in Brazil, call someone who has fallen in love with the beach (praia) and is happy to live under its spell forever, becoming one with the sun and the sea.

Praianos is available from Amazon as an import. See for details of other places where you can buy Praianos.

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