REVIEW SidiRum & Barda – Los Sueños

By 13 July, 2016

Born and raised with the landscapes of the Pampas and Patagonia intertwined with Buenos Aires’ urban reality, Cecilia Gebhard and Nico Bruschi, have created their own personal world of experimental music using electronic patterns of folkloric layers. Since the days of Patio... Read Article



By 10 April, 2012

Electrifying the global dance scene, Batida incorporates traditional Angolan rhythms with modern electronic beats.  Angolan / Portuguese DJ Mpula aka Pedro Coquenão has arrived at an electro-traditional sound, that integrates photography, video, Carnaval, and politics in a vast... Read Article

Brazil: Sambossica 3

REVIEW Brazil: Sambossica 3

By 11 April, 2011

DJ Seduce’s Brazil: Sambossica 3 is a great compilation of different Brazilian music genres. Although the album’s name suggests that the mix of genres is restricted to samba, bossa nova and electronic music, there’s a lot more to... Read Article

ZZK currently attacking the Northern Hemisphere

ZZK currently attacking the Northern Hemisphere

By 24 July, 2010

Fresh from a European rampage the ZZK Records tour hit North America on July 20th. The tour, featuring Tremor, Chancha via Circuito, El Remolon and El G, all master of electronic cumbia, will carry on until August 15th.