Review Brazil: Sambossica 3


DJ Seduce’s Brazil: Sambossica 3 is a great compilation of different Brazilian music genres. Although the album’s name suggests that the mix of genres is restricted to samba, bossa nova and electronic music, there’s a lot more to enjoy and discover about this album.

The overall production of the album is superb and the song choices were spot on. In addition, DJ Seduce’s biggest merit in Sambossica 3 is using electronic music as a complement to the already interesting Brazilian music.

It doesn’t take long before being pleasantly surprised by Sambossica 3. The two first tracks, “O Pescador” and “Dancando no Rio”, bring a taste of the culture of the North-east and North of Brazil, combining neat electronic sounds with typical rhythms such as forro and axé. As the album progresses, some songs called my attention more than others, especially the ones more directly influenced by classic samba. Song number five in the track list, “Samba Hit” is a delicious samba song with soothing instruments, neat production and inspired lyrics. “Samba Hit” is followed by the uplifting “Macumba de Sogra”, another great samba song perfectly sung by Ana Paula da Silva.

The first half of this album is full of strong material but the second part is even better. Sambossica 3 really saved the best ’til last. The sequence starts with the groovy “Ponto de Vista (Tchau, Valeu )”, the most funky track on the whole album, with the catchiest of choruses. Then it is time to experience more Northern/North-eastern rhythms, including maracatu in “Gogo de Nego”. Next up, Dois do Samba sing “Contrariedade”, an easy listening pagode, or “bar samba” and singer Michelle Bruna interprets “Roda Viva”, a slow but well produced samba song that sets the mood for the last – and best – song of this album.

“Vista do Canal” is the definite highlight of the album in my opinion. Like Brazilians would say, “it closes it with a golden key”. It features amazing lyrics and singing by the band Tijuquera. Moreover, the song is a summary of what the album is itself: an ambitious and creative mix of samba, rock, funk, MPB and other Brazilian music genres with a magical touch of electronic elements.

Release Date: 1st March 2011
Record Label: Afro:Baile Records

Brazil: Sambossica 3 is available to buy at Bandcamp.

1. Sandalia de Prata – O Pescador
2. Euterpe – Dançando no Rio
3. Katia Moraes – Tranquilidade
4. Partido Leve – Um Cara Bacana
5. Sambatronica – Samba Hit
6. Ana Paula da Silva – Macumba de Sogra
7. Bruna Melina – Wonderful City
8. Fred Jorge e os Mairorais – Ponto de Vista (Tchau, valeu)
9. Euterpe – Gogó do Nego
10. Dois do Samba – Contrariedade
11. Michele Bruna – Roda Viva
12. Tijuquera – Vista do Canal

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