REVIEW Rodrigo Amarante – Drama

By 18 July, 2021

When the LA-based Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rodrigo Amarante, delivered his first solo album Cavalo in 2014, it announced a new and genuinely original talent. Amarante had been a part of the rock group Los Hermanos, the samba... Read Article

Victor Rice – Drink

By 02 June, 2020

It is not every day the rocksteady beats of Jamaica find themselves in a down and funky mix with Brazilian samba.  Yet, that is the premise upon which New York-born, adopted paulistano, Victor Rice has been carving out a scene... Read Article

Zeca Pagodinho Brings Brazil to London

By 14 December, 2016

Zeca Pagodinho took to Hammersmith Apollo’s stage on the 29th November in London to celebrate 100 years of samba. If you followed the night on Sounds and Colours’ Instagram account you’ll know just how energetic the whole night... Read Article

REVIEW Elza Soares – The Woman at the End of the World

By 25 July, 2016

There is nothing surprising about the way that Elza Soares‘ latest album begins. Soares is one of Brazil’s most revered singers, loved for her highly-emotive delivery. Her sincere, raw, guttural voice has always distinguished her from the pack, but as she... Read Article