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MIXTAPE DJ Machintal’s Refuse/Resist Mixtape

By 20 September, 2013

Refuse/Resist is a brand new mixtape from DJ Machintal showing “a whole spirit of change that is articulating today in Brazil.” The mixtape contains a mix of underground Brazilian rap, percussive instrumentals and old school jazz and bossa... Read Article

REVIEW Beginner’s Guide To Bossa Nova

By 19 November, 2012

Every musical genre has its standard flagbearers: for jazz it’s Miles, Coltrane, Dizzy, Duke. Rock’s got Dylan, Hendrix, Lennon, just to name a few heavy weights. I’m always wary of musical genre or stylistic compilations – how can... Read Article

Maria Rita – Elo

REVIEW Maria Rita – Elo

By 07 May, 2012

I never doubted Maria Rita’s talent, though I was always suspicious of her music. To start with, being Elis Regina’s daughter can be more challenging than helpful if you decide to follow the parent’s steps as she did!... Read Article

No Knows Bossa Nova Mixtape

MIXTAPE No Knows Bossa Nova Mixtape

By 08 April, 2011

This Friday’s mixtape is veering a little away from type, mainly because it’s not actually mixed. What you will get instead is a .zip file containing 50 [this is now just 47 as we had to take out... Read Article