MPB star Maria Rita coming to London

By 07 May, 2010

The good folks at Jungle Drums have done us the great service of inviting Maria Rita over to London for an exclusive English performance at Koko’s. Ms Rita has fast become one of the leading stars of MPB, which should come as no surprise really once you learn that her father is legendary pianist/arranger César Camargo Mariano and her mother is Elis Regina. It’s not surprising then that she is often compared to her mother’s style, something which she has tried to fight, especially by never recording any song made famous be her senior. It’s also true that she has managed to define her own style, something a little smokier and sensual than Elis Regina, and probably a little less painful because of that too. Anyway, the long and short of it is that she is very, very good and if you are in London on this date you would be to fool to miss it!

The concert is at London’s KOKO on May 18th starting at 7.30pm and costs £20. Tickets are available at

More information:
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