REVIEW Rodrigo Amarante – Drama

By 18 July, 2021

When the LA-based Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rodrigo Amarante, delivered his first solo album Cavalo in 2014, it announced a new and genuinely original talent. Amarante had been a part of the rock group Los Hermanos, the samba... Read Article

Under The Influence: M. Takara & Carla Boregas

By 17 September, 2020

Mauricio Takara – Hurtmold and São Paulo Underground drummer – is termed an “explorer of rhythmic regions” in the liner notes to his collaborative album with RAKTA and Fronte Violeta multidisciplinary sound artist, Carla Boregas. On Linha D’Agua, Boregas’ meticulous and immersive soundscapes – sometimes whirring synths... Read Article

Take Five: Negro Leo

By 10 September, 2020

Negro Leo’s latest album Desejo de Lacrar is a caterwauling cry for freedom. Atop coruscating bass riffs, brittle guitars and organs, Leo posits a Whitmanesque democracy in recondite yelps: “I am an old bird […] I am the slow course... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 01: Papaoul (Worldwide FM)

By 04 September, 2020

Gabriel Francis, A.K.A Papaoul, is a DJ, presenter and journalist from South London inspired by the sounds of the global underground. It is Latinx music, though, that takes pride of place in his heart. Holding down Worldwide FM’s... Read Article

Motin & Symbiz Release Scorchers via Enchufada

By 13 March, 2015

The folks over at (Buraka Som Sistema‘s label) Enchufada are releasing a bi-monthly series of free singles under the banner of Upper Cuts (they’ve given us goodies like this before), and two blazing tracks caught our attention. The first hails from the German town... Read Article

REVIEW Zebra – Dimensions

By 17 June, 2014

Chile is currently the heart of indie pop in Latin America, which is why it is no surprise that the new chillwave EP Dimension is by a Chilean band called Zebra. Fans of this country’s other dream popstars... Read Article

Alex Anwandter –  Rebeldes

REVIEW Alex Anwandter – Rebeldes

By 22 August, 2012

Alex Anwandter’s sophomore effort, Rebeldes, is a modern study on queer politics and Latin American pop, wrapped in infectious neon beats and 80s style synths. As with his first solo record Odisea, there is no hint of his former... Read Article