Motin & Symbiz Release Scorchers via Enchufada

By | 13 March, 2015

The folks over at (Buraka Som Sistema‘s label) Enchufada are releasing a bi-monthly series of free singles under the banner of Upper Cuts (they’ve given us goodies like this before), and two blazing tracks caught our attention.

The first hails from the German town of Dresden, where the producer Motin (Man Recordings) creates a rhythmically-charged and dance floor-focused tropical track. (I think I hear a Colombian gaita!)

“Selva” takes us on a musical trip through the darkest part of the jungle, powered by heavy broken rhythms, hypnotizing tribal chants and mystical looping flutes. The track showcases Motin’s natural talent for blurring the edges between tropical genres while making his personality stand out on every track.

The second standout track is also from Germany, where Symbiz gifts us a massive instrumental cut, “Fuego”. The energetic track brings even more South-American vibes to the bubbling Global Club Music cauldron, creating an intense dance floor epic that is sure to inspire some of the most vigorous moves to be seen on this side of the equator.

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