Pereira’s Esparrela – Chama Mix

MIXTAPE Pereira’s Esparrela – Chama Mix

By 11 May, 2012

Ricardo Pereira is a musician and DJ from São Paulo. He plays in a couple of bands affiliated with the group Hurtmold, Guilherme Granado’s Bodes & Elefantes project and Mauricio Takara’s Assembléia Ritmica de Pinheiros, both incredible live... Read Article

Afrofuturismo with Nana Vasconcelos

By 20 December, 2011

Ekundayo, a new project featuring Mike Ladd, Rob Mazurek, Guilherme Granado, Mauricio Takara, Rodrigo Brandao, Lurdez da Luz, Nana Vasconcelos and Scotty Hard, was one of our favourite things about 2011. Here is Vasconcelos talking about the project... Read Article

Marcelo Camelo – Ô ô

By 16 March, 2011

Woof! Marcelo Camelo has just released the first single off his new “Toque dela” album. If you don’t know about Marcelo Camelo yet you need to sort yourself out. As a member of Los Hermanos he defined much... Read Article