Sao Paulo Underground release third album Tres Cabeças Loucuras

By 20 November, 2011

Sao Paulo Underground are one of the heaviest experimental jazz outfits you’ll ever come across. Their ranks include Chicago musician Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics), Mauricio Takara (drums, percussion and cavaquinho) and Guilherme Granado (keyboards, electronics) – both from Hurtmold and other Sao Paulo-based projects – and Richard Ribeiro (drums) from the group Porto.

Their third album is entitled Tres Cabeças Loucuras and has just recently been released. The album blurb writes that the new record is “a very catchy, jazz + electronics album filled with sunny melodies, beats, noise, sounds and songs.” Which sounds just up our street.

You can buy the album from Cuneiform Records where it is available in CD and LP format.

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