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7 Carnival Classics from Uruguay

By 10 February, 2016

The Uruguayan Carnival, apparently the longest in the world, is a month and a bit marathon of riotous satire, fiercely contested shows and above all, the emblematic sound of the murga. It’s said that ticket sales outnumber any... Read Article

MIXTAPE ¡Oyé, Oyé! Candombe Uruguayo Mixtape

By 24 January, 2014

Last month we got an email from the Brazilian music/graphic design collective coletivoACTION telling us about a mixtape of Uruguayan candombe-influenced music they’d put together. Well, it’s been a busy month and so we only just got round... Read Article

Jorge Galemire – Carta Sin Abrir

By 10 December, 2011

Jorge Galemire is one of the unsung heroes of Uruguayan music. He played a big part in movements such as candombe beat and canto popular, and has played with a ridiculous number of Uruguayan groups, such as Canciones... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Candombe

By 28 November, 2010

It’s impossible to spend anytime in Montevideo, Uruguay, without suddenly feeling like you’re in the middle of a parade. The sound of drums are everywhere … maybe even more so than in Brazil. It all has to do... Read Article