Jorge Galemire – Carta Sin Abrir

By 10 December, 2011

Jorge Galemire is one of the unsung heroes of Uruguayan music. He played a big part in movements such as candombe beat and canto popular, and has played with a ridiculous number of Uruguayan groups, such as Canciones Para No Dormir La Siesta (with Jaime Roos) and Los Que Iban Cantando, as well as solo artists including Eduardo Darnauchans and Jorge Drexler. He continues playing right up to this day. This is a new and very good video for his song “Carta Sin Abrir.”

This video was made between May 2010 and March 2011 by Alvaro Santos (directing, art, animation, editing) and Sebastián González Majó (art, 3D, animation).

To listen to more from Jorge Galemire:

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