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Dom La Nena Releases ‘Oiseau Sauvage’ Video Ahead of New Album

By 22 November, 2019

Dom La Nena is like a breath of fresh air that has swept in from Brazil to Europe. Her freshly released and highly anticipated new video for single “Oiseau Sauvage” (wild bird) is an illusion of South American pop meets chamber music that dares to transport you into an alternative world of trickery and French magie nouvelle.

Performed by Dom La Nena, the song was directed by Jeremiah with the complicity of magie nouvelle pioneer Saglio and his ghosts. In the video, Dom dances like glitter in the air in a song that was inspired by her own fleeting upbringing through Brazil, Argentina and France, as well as by the whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties experienced whilst being pregnant. Here, she dips into all three of her languages (Portuguese, French and Spanish) with a haunting artistic spectacle to match.

The stunning, lullaby-like tune was released with Six Degrees Records and comes in advance of her forthcoming album called Tempo, due out early next year.

Be prepared to venture into the unknown.

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