Mercedes Sosa

El Buho’s Fraternity Winter Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Buho’s Fraternity Winter Mixtape

By 10 December, 2011

A great mix here exploring the relationship between electronic music and South American folk music featuring artists such as El Remólon, Matanza and Cholita Sound. The mix is by our good friend El Buho – responsible for the... Read Article

El Suizo’s Pachamama Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Suizo’s Pachamama Mixtape

By 19 November, 2011

Here’s a bit of a special set from El Suizo aka Christoph H. Müller aka half of The Gotan Project in which he reconstructs a mix he originally played live at Ya Basta Festibal in Paris on October... Read Article

El Remolón’s ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Remolón’s ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape

By 23 September, 2011

Great new compilation from El Remolon in support of his and the ZZK crew’s tour of Europe this Fall/Autumn. The aptly-named ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape features a tonne of El Remolon remixes, refixes, edits and mashups, as well... Read Article

Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

REVIEW Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

By 26 July, 2011

From the first song of Pasionaria it is clear you have entered into a truly singular world with Soema Montenegro‘s voice alone singing “Leyenda del Cururú”. At times her voice is as graceful as Mercedes Sosa singing the... Read Article

Esto es Sudamerica Mixtape

MIXTAPE Esto es Sudamerica Mixtape

By 17 September, 2010

We thought it was about time we celebrated South America as one, bringing together some of the artists and styles we’ve featured so far on the site, and that we still have to look forward to. We’ve chosen... Read Article

In Profile: Mercedes Sosa

In Profile: Mercedes Sosa

By 26 August, 2010

When it comes to Latin American revolutionaries, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevera, without doubt, is the name that most people think of immediately. However, hailing from the same hometown was a little niña that not only sang her left-leaning songs... Read Article