New Orleans

REVIEW Samba & Jazz

By 08 December, 2015

If you want to see what a cultural, social and generational creative community looks, feels and sounds like, then dive right into this fantastic film. Samba & Jazz tells the stories of what it means to be part... Read Article

Nation Beat – Growing Stone

By 05 October, 2011

We’re big fans of Nation Beat and their mix of New Orleans gristle and Maracatu heartbeat, so we were pretty chuffed to see this video of the title song from their album Growing Stone:

Nation Beat – Growing Stone

REVIEW Nation Beat – Growing Stone

By 13 September, 2011

Growing Stone begins with the maracatu meets New Orleans energy of “Puxa O Boi”, which with it’s funky guitars comes across as a pacified Chico Science e Nacao Zumbi. It’s followed by “Bicu De Lambu” which plays forró... Read Article