Palenke Soultribe

Palenke Soultribe feat. Batata “El Makako”

By 23 July, 2012

Brand new video from Palenke Soultribe, the Los Angeles-based Colombians with a taste for mixing their Colombian roots with electronic styles. Their upcoming record Palenke vs. Palenque is a collaboration with Palenque Records, a Colombian record label who... Read Article

Sr. Mendez – Papá del Panasuyo

REVIEW Sr. Mendez – Papá del Panasuyo

By 17 September, 2011

Papá del Panasuyo is the second album from Venezuelan Sr. Mendez. It’s an album that shares a certain aesthetic with Mr Pauer’s Soundtrack, released last year by a fellow Venezuelan. They are both full of light grooves, Pacific... Read Article