DJs Mafe & Pequi’s ‘Brasil vs Colombia’ Party Mix

By 04 July, 2014

What a World Cup the 2014 FIFA mundial has been so far. Many sports analysts say powerhouses Brazil, Argentina, and Germany, haven’t been at their best, yet all three are set to play in the quarterfinals. Then there’s the Cinderella story of Costa Rica.

And then you have Colombia and it’s salsa-dancing band of young players. Tomorrow, they’ll meet Brazil on the pitch. Who will win?

We don’t have the answer to that, but we do have an exclusive “Brasil vs Colombia” party mix courtesy of a pair of Colombian and Brazilian DJs who happen to be living in France.

Design by Pedro Mauro.

Design by Brazilian graphic artist, Pedro Mauro.

DJ Mafe (a Colombian native who is one-half of DC’s Maracuyeah! collective) and Pequi (born in Brazil and living in Toulouse, France) have joined musical forces to bring a mix of Brazilian and Colombian songs that can serve as your soundtrack for this futbol match and/or any related parties.

“Whoever the winner, we know that music unites us!” Mafe tells Sounds and Colours.

“This mix is full of traditional rhythms and new sounds that represent the great musical variety of the two countries. The last song Edu Krieger, is a call to the reality of the social situation in Brazil and leaves us thinking about the true benefits of these sporting events,” she adds.

To add even more of a Brazilian flavor, the pair had Brazilian graphic designer, Pedro Moura of Tipos Populares do Brasil, whip up the logo for the mix.

Pequi is a cultural producer, and the creator of an extraordinary tropical bass party in Toulouse. Mafe, who normally calls Washington, D.C., her home, is living in France for the time being.

The playlist for the mix appears below. Listen to the mix below and follow Mafe and Pequi on Facebook.

Brasil vs. Colombia: Lista de Canciones

Pixinguinha – Um a Zero
Rosivaldo Cordeiro – Guitarrada en el Caribe
Toto la Momposina – Prende la Vela
Orquestra Guayacan – Fiesta Colombiana
Bomba Estereo – Elegancia Tropical
Omulu – Bola de Meia
Bolão – O Tambor (Criolina remix)
Patrick Tor4 – Passa a Bola
Palenke Soultribe – La Gozadera
Edu Krieger –  Me Desculpe Neymar

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