Soundway Records

REVIEW Family Atlantica

By 12 April, 2013

Is it possible that an album could be too unassuming? This sometimes feels the case with Family Atlantica‘s self-titled debut. Press play and after four or five tracks you’ll still be slightly unsure what you’re listening to; is... Read Article

Los Miticos del Ritmo

REVIEW Los Miticos del Ritmo

By 07 July, 2012

Los Miticos Del Ritmo is the name of a 7-piece studio band made up of vallenato and cumbia musicians living in Cali, Colombia. The group was assembled by British born producer, musician and DJ, Will ‘Quantic’ Holland.



By 10 April, 2012

Electrifying the global dance scene, Batida incorporates traditional Angolan rhythms with modern electronic beats.  Angolan / Portuguese DJ Mpula aka Pedro Coquenão has arrived at an electro-traditional sound, that integrates photography, video, Carnaval, and politics in a vast... Read Article