Tulipa Ruiz Remixed

By 01 July, 2014

If I was to name my favourite female Brazilian artist there would be little debate. There was a time when I was certain that Karina Buhr would be the one to blow me away, but she has yet... Read Article

REVIEW Tulipa Ruiz – Tudo Tanto

By 10 December, 2012

Listening to Tulipa Ruiz’s sophmore album Tudo Tanto is akin to being a kid in an auditory candy store. Building on her acclaimed debut Efêmera (2010), the Paulista songwriter tickles the ear at every turn with her playful,... Read Article

New Tulipa Ruiz Song + Video

By 12 April, 2012

Tulipa Ruiz has just released a new clip for “Memória Fora de Hora”, a song that was recorded for the Literalmente Loucas — Canções de Marina Lima project initiated by Brazilian journalist Patrícia Palumbo and DJ Zé Pedro.... Read Article

Fernando TRZ’s Nu Brasuca Explosion Mixtape

MIXTAPE Fernando TRZ’s Nu Brasuca Explosion Mixtape

By 14 October, 2011

Today’s mix is from Fernandao TRZ and represents everything we love about the current music scene in Brazil with selections from Lucas Santtana, Céu, Curumim, Baiana System, Criolo, DJ Tudo and Tulipa.

REVIEW Amabis – Memórias Luso/Africanas

By 28 September, 2011

Amabis‘ Memórias Luso/Africanas comes across like a Brazilian Portishead, featuring three of Brazil’s most distinguished vocalists in the shape of Céu, Criolo and Tulipa, atop dense instrumental backing.