Nova Tropicalia EP from Mais Um Discos (Stream)

By 09 September, 2011

Mais Um Discos have recently made available this tasty little EP featuring some of the artists from their almighty compilation from last year: Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!. The Nova-Tropicalia features six artists from Brazil: Catarina Dee Jah, Lucas Santtana, Mini Box Lunar, Do Amor, Cérebro Eletrônico and Diego e O Sindicato.

Here’s Mais Um Discos to explain a little about the songs involved:

On “Sarara” Catarina Dee Jah sounds like a tropical Debbie Harry as she fuses Northern Brazilian romantic brega music with ska & punk, “Isso e Carimbo” is Do Amor’s playful tribute to the Amazonian carimbo rhythm and the operatically overblown psych-pop of “Desquite” by Cérebro Eletrônico feat. Tulipa conjurs up the theatrical prime of Os Mutantes. Lucas Santtana is greatly influenced by the Tropicalists and their subversion of popular Brazilian genres, and on “Cira, Regina e Nana” he spikes the Brazilian tradition of voice and guitars with glitchy beats from an MPC to create a sublime slice of electro-acoustica.

The ever-playful Mini Box Lunar from the Amazonian city of Macapa drop the fairground-boogie-woogie of “Despertador 7.45” whilst Diego e O Sindicato’s epic “Todo Dia” morphs from a charming nursery rhyme sing-along into a pogo-inducing tropical-freak-out: Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia profiles the artists proudly sticking two fingers up to musical purists whilst paying respect to Brazil’s colossal musical legacy.

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