REVIEW Bixiga 70 – III

By 14 October, 2015

Even if the São Paulo bairro of Bixiga was almost entirely colonized by Italian migrants more than one hundred years ago, today that influence is clear only when reading the surnames of its inhabitants and eating out in... Read Article

REVIEW Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo – Siriá

By 31 March, 2014

If you were to listen to some instrumental tracks from this compilation without reading any reviews about it, including this one, and without any knowledge whatsoever about Mestre Cupijó (bandleader and composer) you might just think this music... Read Article

Carimbó: Os Originais de Maracanã

By 27 October, 2011

This is a great video from Alfredo Bello’s (aka DJ Tudo) record label Mundo Melhor, which specialises in releasing field recordings of traditional Brazilian music. This particular video is of the Os Originais de Maracanã performing a carimbó... Read Article