Ulises Hadjis

Ulises Hadjis “Consecuencias y Reclamos”

By 31 March, 2015

The latest video from Venezuelan singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis highlights his breezy, melodic brand of indie-folk. With a charming video that recalls the work of Michel Gondry, “Consecuencias y Reclamos” is one of the finest tracks yet from Hadjis... Read Article

REVIEW Fede Cabral – Sí

By 13 September, 2013

Fede Cabral’s record Sí is definitely a pleaser for anyone with strong pop sensibilities. Like any good pop record it’s short and sweet, with the first song, a charming, melodic and catchy tune called “Ahora No Lo Sé”,... Read Article

REVIEW Ulises Hadjis – Cosas Perdidas

By 24 October, 2012

It takes more than one listen to realise how innocently complex Ulises Hadjis’s new record, Cosas Perdidas, really is. Putting his knowledge of sociology, philosophy and psychoanalysis to work, Hadjis has created a set of 15 intertwined tracks... Read Article

Ulises Hadjis “Donde Va”

By 18 June, 2012

Here’s the latest video from one of our favourite Venezuelan artists, singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis, a great driving pop tune called “Donde Va.” The track is the first single from his latest album Cosas Perdidas. It’s an album that... Read Article