Ulises Hadjis “Consecuencias y Reclamos”

By 31 March, 2015

The latest video from Venezuelan singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis highlights his breezy, melodic brand of indie-folk. With a charming video that recalls the work of Michel Gondry, “Consecuencias y Reclamos” is one of the finest tracks yet from Hadjis with a simplicity to the sound that belies the intricate arrangement and constant shifts in melody and rhythm.

The track was co-written with Colombian singer/songwriters Esteman and Juan Pablo Vega and is the second brand new single to be released since his last album Cosas Perdidas in 2012. We are presuming that “Consecuencias y Reclamos” will feature on his upcoming third album, which is currently in production.

Find out more about Ulises Hadjis at ulisesmusica.com

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