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REVIEW Various Artists – Pirotecnia Vol. 1

By 07 July, 2015

If you thought EDM could not be Latino, DJ Raff’s compilation is here to prove you wrong. DJ Raff, one of Chile’s most prolific electronic music makers, decided that the best way to showcase the complex, rich sounds... Read Article

REVIEW The Way He Looks

By 27 November, 2014

Teenage love is a simply complicated thing, and Brazilian director Daniel Ribeiro’s The Way He Looks does not muddle its lens. With an adorably twee soundtrack and a twist on the coming-of-age love triangle, Ribeiro’s first full-length feature... Read Article

REVIEW Jorge Drexler – Bailar En La Cueva

By 23 June, 2014

Jorge Drexler’s thirteenth album Bailar En La Cueva starts with a strong ear-worm of a track and then eases into a sweet beach record characterized by tonnes and tonnes of movement. Bailar en La Cueva, or “dancing in... Read Article

REVIEW Calle 13 – MultiViral

By 22 April, 2014

Few albums are as well crafted and thought out as Calle 13‘s fifth record MultiViral. Through it, the hybrid rap/alt-rock/urban/experimental band delivers its most sophisticated and best produced record thus far. It’s playful, profound and melodic while having... Read Article

REVIEW La Medicina – Hipócritas

By 03 April, 2014

“Esto debe ser una broma,” the opening track of La Medicina’s new record, Hipócritas, should have been the title of the album. If when listening to it, you find yourself thinking, “Is this a joke?” rest assured: I... Read Article

REVIEW Loocila – Coclea

By 11 December, 2013

Music like Loocila’s might seem more commonplace in the US indie rock market than in the Latin American one. At times part-Sharon Van Etten, at times part-grunge-era Liz Phair, the Jóvenes y Sexys musician does bring it back... Read Article

REVIEW Juana Molina – Wed 21

By 30 October, 2013

After five years, Juana Molina steps decisively back into the stage with her sixth album Wed 21, and with the secure and mature steps of an artist that is completely aware of her voice. This is surely not... Read Article

REVIEW Fede Cabral – Sí

By 13 September, 2013

Fede Cabral’s record Sí is definitely a pleaser for anyone with strong pop sensibilities. Like any good pop record it’s short and sweet, with the first song, a charming, melodic and catchy tune called “Ahora No Lo Sé”,... Read Article