Argentinian Music

REVIEW Juana Molina – Wed 21

By 30 October, 2013

After five years, Juana Molina steps decisively back into the stage with her sixth album Wed 21, and with the secure and mature steps of an artist that is completely aware of her voice. This is surely not... Read Article

El Remolón’s ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Remolón’s ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape

By 23 September, 2011

Great new compilation from El Remolon in support of his and the ZZK crew’s tour of Europe this Fall/Autumn. The aptly-named ZZK Fall Tour Mixtape features a tonne of El Remolon remixes, refixes, edits and mashups, as well... Read Article

Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

REVIEW Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

By 26 July, 2011

From the first song of Pasionaria it is clear you have entered into a truly singular world with Soema Montenegro‘s voice alone singing “Leyenda del Cururú”. At times her voice is as graceful as Mercedes Sosa singing the... Read Article

Diana — Hondo

By 12 December, 2010

One extremely moody clip of Argentina’s Diana performing “Hondo” in preparation for their first album Disco 2. We have high hopes for this band. Within their warm, fuzzy songs they show they know when the moment is right... Read Article

Pablo Malaurie’s Take Away Show

Pablo Malaurie’s Take Away Show

By 12 December, 2010

Another excellent Take Away Show from Vincent Moon/Petites Planetes/La Blogotheque, this time documenting Argentina’s Pablo Malaurie in Buenos Aires. Pablo is a folk singer with a bit of a Central European flavour. I can’t help but think of... Read Article