DJ Tudo

DJ Tudo’s Mixtape Ijexá

By 22 May, 2017

DJ Tudo is something of an ambassador for traditional Brazilian (and world) music. He’s been featured on this site many times before, whether for his funky globetrotting band DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar, for his... Read Article

Get Ready For Notting Hill Carnival

By 29 July, 2013

We know where we’ll be at for Notting Hill Carnival this year, and that’s supporting the Maracatu Mafua parade, which will this year be led by the amazing Brazilian musician/percussionist Simone Sou (pictured above). Notting Hill Carnival will... Read Article

Carimbó: Os Originais de Maracanã

By 27 October, 2011

This is a great video from Alfredo Bello’s (aka DJ Tudo) record label Mundo Melhor, which specialises in releasing field recordings of traditional Brazilian music. This particular video is of the Os Originais de Maracanã performing a carimbó... Read Article

Fernando TRZ’s Nu Brasuca Explosion Mixtape

MIXTAPE Fernando TRZ’s Nu Brasuca Explosion Mixtape

By 14 October, 2011

Today’s mix is from Fernandao TRZ and represents everything we love about the current music scene in Brazil with selections from Lucas Santtana, Céu, Curumim, Baiana System, Criolo, DJ Tudo and Tulipa.