Cal Jader’s Best Of 2017 Mixtape Part 1

By | 05 January, 2018

Following on from his Top 10 Tunes of 2017, Cal Jader has now sent us over part of his Best of 2017 mixtape. Featuring tracks from across Latin America as well as bands formed by Latin American migrants around the world, this is a journey through some of the best Latin American roots, bass and grooves to come out last year, with artists ranging from the well-known to the relatively-unknown. And remarkably, this is just Part One – a second part will follow next week.

Cal is the founder of Movimientos, an events promoter, radio show and record label based in London. Check out the Movimientos website to find out what they’re currently up to.

Listen to Cal’s Best of 2017 Mix Part 1 below:

Criolo – Calçada
Ladama – Porro Maracatu
La Chiva Gantiva – El Ritmo Lo Llevo Yo
Emje Rose – Cogela Suave
Dona Onete – Faceira
Largartijeando – Antofogasta de la Sierra (El Búho remix)
Yeahman – Quemada
Soundspecies & Ache Meyi – Alina’s Calypso
Salsangroove – Rumbon Melon
TNT Band – Jala Jala (Whiskey Barons Brujo Mix)
Populous – Racatin
Cumbia Chicharra – La Weá
Daymé Arocena – La Rumba me Llamo Yo
Eddie Palmieri – The Uprising
Grupo Magnético – Vampiras
Sunlightsquare – Oyelo (Kay Suzuki’s By The Sea mix)
Nina Miranda – I Am
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Guarida (feat. Sara Van) Branko Remix
KKing Kong – Passinho Da Linha
Ghetto Kumbé – Eso no me Falla
Rincon Sapiência – Ponta de Lança (Verso Livre)
DJ Tudo – Sama Bleu
La BOA (Bogotá Orquesta Afrobeat) – Ahi Na’Ma’
Meridian Brothers – Estaré Alegre, No Estaré Triste
DJ Jose Marquez & Joey Pastrana – Cotique All Stars (Jose Marquez Remix)
Son Palenque – Mina Ma Pelo – Feat Michi Sarmiento
Cumbia All Stars – La Vuelte Del Tigre
Mitú – Siempre
Rebeca Lane – Alma Mestiza
Elza Soares – Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo (Omulu Rmx)
Ífè – Bangah (Pico y Palo)
Gaby Hernandez – Los Mas Dulce
Aurelio – Dondo
Battle of Santiago – Barasu Ayo Part 2
La Perla – El Sancocho
Betsayda Machado – La Situación
Rio Mira – Torbellino
El Búho – Papan (feat. Citlaly Malpica & Pablo Emiliano)
Kaleema – Copal ft Lido Pimienta

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