New Junio Barreto album “Setembro” to be released in October!

By 23 September, 2011

A new album is on the way from the man from Caruaru. It’s been seven years since Junio Barreto released his self-titled debut album. He’s been a busy man in the meantime, composing for films and TV and working with lots of other musicians and singers, but the time is right for part two. Barreto will be releasing his second album Setembro in October, and will be performing in Sao Paulo as part of the release.

The new album has been produced by Alfredo Bello (who you may know better as DJ Tudo) and features a ridiculously strong supporting cast with Pupillo (drummer from Nação Zumbi) playing on the majority of the tracks, Gustavo Ruiz (brother of Tulipa and a fine musician in his own right) on opening track “Serenada Solidão”, apperances by Dengue and Jorge du Peixe (both current members of Nação Zumbi), Céu and Luisa Maita providing backing vocals on three of the tracks, Junior Boca, Vitor Araújo and Mombojó adding some licks, and even Seu Jorge playing guitar on “Fineza.”

The album itself has a stronger samba influence than the previous record, with Junio’s vocals and lyrics as strong as ever, and obviously a high level of musicianship, as you’d expect from a supporting cast like this.

The album is currently streaming on Junio’s website so go here to listen to the album in full:

Of course Junio Barreto is from Pernambuco. If you want to listen to more music from Pernambuco you should check out our compilation of new music from the region, titled Musica da Massa! New Sounds of Pernambuco and available as a free download here.

Here’s the video for the lead track from Setembro:

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