S&C Podcast: Venezuela Special

By 15 April, 2013

In March this year I went to Venezuela in the wake of ex-President Hugo Chavez’s passing. While there I interviewed various musicians and got a feeling for what was happening in the country. It was a frustrating experience... Read Article

S&C1 // Sueños

S&C1 // Sueños

By 03 July, 2012

It’s always nice to have a concept behind any new project, so when I was choosing the tracks for this new compilation of music from across South America I decided that Sueños (translating as “dreams”) seemed like a... Read Article

Best Albums Of 2011

Best Albums Of 2011

By 16 December, 2011

The time has come again to choose our favourite albums of the year. It’s a task that’s never easy, especially after the bumper year we’ve had, with great music coming from all over South America, reflected in the... Read Article

Dolli – Viaje EP

REVIEW Dolli – Viaje EP

By 07 November, 2011

The Viaje EP starts with a murmur before guiding itself into life. This is a release all about travelling, full of inquisitive notes, open-ended melodies and a restless sense of invention. It’s the third EP that Venezuelan group... Read Article