S&C Podcast: Venezuela Special

By 15 April, 2013

In March this year I went to Venezuela in the wake of ex-President Hugo Chavez’s passing. While there I interviewed various musicians and got a feeling for what was happening in the country. It was a frustrating experience in many ways as I found it a divided country with the media (both local and international) doing everything in it’s powers to ensure that divide grows ever larger.

I wanted to put together a podcast that doesn’t get bogged down in politics (and debates that could last forever) and instead highlight some of the amazing things happening in Venezuela, some of the underground music that really should be reaching a wider audience. However, I also couldn’t help but talk a little about my experience of Venezuela. Even though there is some music that was inspired by Chavez in this podcast this wasn’t intended as any political rallying call. Today, Nicolas Maduro was elected the new President of Venezuela and, whether it had been him or Henrique Capriles, our only hope is that Venezuela can bridge the gap that has opened up between the people. Maybe music is one of the ways in which it can do that.

This is our first podcast (maybe it will be also be our final podcast!) I hope you enjoy it.

Dolli “La Bici Feliz”
Lloviznando Cantos “Militantes Con Chavez”
Sistema Sonoro Tiuna, James Lakay, Akiling de Bituaya y Ariana “Somos Caribe”
Jovenes Y Sexys “Suerte”
Algodón Egipcio “Los Asuntos Pendientes (La Prueba B) (Teen Daze Remix)”
Interview with Algodón Egipcio (Part 1)
Algodón Egipcio “La Espina Del Cardenche”
Family Atlantica “El Apamate”
Interview with Algodón Egipcio (Part 2)
Dolli “El Clan Davila”
Jan Pawel “(7:15) Por Tu Piel”
Sunsplash “Beia”
Interview with Pacheko (Part 1)
Pocz & Pacheko “Muevelo (feat. DJ Yirvin)”
Interview with Pacheko (Part 2)
Zoom Soon Bao “Palo Pa Caracas”
La Gallera Social Club “Mister Mister”
Tragavenao Orquesta Afrobeat “Ñequito”
THE “Oceano”
THE “Alrededor De Tu Cuerpo”
Tan Frío El Verano “Sensenia”
Limpiacabezales “La Balada de Bonnie Parker”
Family Atlantica “Manicero”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/87726478%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-DucGw” params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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